Carmelo Sferro from Fiumedinis is the new general director of Messina Social City –

It is Carmelo Sferro from Rijeka the new general manager of Messina Social City

by EDG – The Examining Commission in charge of evaluating the curricula for the assignment of the position of General Manager of the Special Agency ‘Messina Social City’, chose the name of the new general manager.

As this newspaper had already anticipated, it was Carmelo Sferro, already given by many, inside the town hall, maliciously as a favorite if only for being born in the same town so dear to the mayor De Luca. Born in Fiumedinisi on 2 April 1968, graduated in law, he was “educated by the Salesian fathers”, as he himself writes in his curriculum. “From a very young age I was involved in trade union movements and Christian associations of Italian workers, holding positions of regional and national responsibility in educational services, advocacy and social assistance. Expert in labor policies and professional training, I worked for almost thirty years in the educational services of education and professional training of the ACLI, ENAIP, holding managerial positions at regional and national level “. He was designer, trainer and didactic coordinator, director of the Sicilian School of Social Service. In September 2018 he was appointed National Director of ANFE (National Association of Emigrant Families).

Sferro replaces Christmas Trischitta, appointed in August 2020 and resigned after just 4 months.

Equally short was the presence of his predecessor at the MSC general management, Vicenzo Romano, who remained in office for a few months marked by clashes with the board of directors and then his resignation.

The three candidates selected were Domenico Zaccone (who was already competing for the role of CEO with Trischitta), Carmelo Sferro and Massimo Rizzuto.

Each of them boasted many years spent in the world of social services in their CVs. Domenico Zaccone is an old acquaintance of Palazzo Zanca for having been called by the former mayor Renato Accorinti as director of the Department of Social Policies. Administrative officer at the University of Messina, he also worked in the Ministry of Defense as an official. In the market his prices are very low, having been one of the first managers not to have been reconfirmed by the mayor De Luca.

Also Massimo Rizzuto, from Palermo, former provincial councilor for social policies, works, but with an external collaborator contract, at the University of Messina, where he holds the role of coordinator of PON / SIA projects. In his curriculum he boasts “20 years of experience in the welfare policy sector in relation to the planning of public policies, the university teaching of welfare policies, the public and private management of the services arising from the same policies in a strategic systemic planning perspective “.

The mayor thus commented on the settlement of Sferro: “Welcome Director! Today the general manager of the Messina Social City Special Company took office. Dr. Carmelo Sferro boasts a long career in management and a solid competence in labor law and in personal services. We wish him and the entire board of directors a fruitful work. PS: let’s see if this time the general manager will resist longer than his two predecessors who could not resist the rhythms imposed by the President Valeria Asquini… ”.

Messina Social City is an instrumental body of the Municipality of Messina, commissioned by the De Luca administration and born in March 2019. It provides for the management and production of social services in the area, to meet the needs of the community and promote social and cultural development , economic and civil of the local community.