Cardiologist killed: Omceo, assault alert, State intervenes

(ANSA) – AGRIGENTO, DECEMBER 10 – “The phenomenon of attacks on healthcare professionals has become alarming, which is why we have organized this silent march. We have a duty to treat patients and they have the right to be treated, therefore our the interlocutor is the Government, and it is the State that must find the solution”. Santo Pitruzzella, OMCEO provincial president, said this in front of the Agrigento Town Hall shortly before the march of white coats to say stop the violence against health workers.

“We are here to give therapy, in addition to the diagnosis – he added – the real problems are the lack of doctors in key points: emergency rooms, medical guards and polyclinics. It is the government’s fault that has not planned this massive exodus of doctors who it was foreseen from 2018 to 2025. It should have provided – continued Pitruzzella – to increase the places in specialization schools, it should have increased the places in the competitions for entry into some branches.The Government became aware of this situation during the pandemic and has increased the number of bursaries from 6.7 thousand to 15 thousand this year. As always late. While for some surgical branches the possibility of a solution, in two, three years, the solution will be there, for emergency rooms the problem it will still exist because fellowships are not chosen.

We stop at 40, 45%. There is not even hope – observed the president of the OMCEO of Agrigento – that in a few years we will have the specialists to make up for the lack of doctors in the emergency rooms. The therapy we want to give, and the Government pretends not to see, is economic incentives.

The average salary of health care workers is lower than in all other countries, only Greece and Portugal are behind us.

The exodus towards foreign countries, towards the private sector – commented Pitruzzella – can be explained by this. To solve the first aid emergency, there is only economic incentives”. (ANSA).