Carabinieri seize 300 sea urchins in Donnalucata

The carabinieri of Donnalucata, a coastal area of Scicli, have seized around 300 illegally caught sea urchins. Four illegal fishermen, originally from Syracuse, were caught loading the sea urchins into their vehicles while still wearing their wetsuits from the dive they had just taken to catch them. Administrative fines totaling 2,000 euros were imposed, a 20-liter diving cylinder used for the activity was seized, as well as the entire catch. The sea urchins were immediately returned to the sea to ensure their survival. Sea urchin fishing is prohibited throughout Italy in the months of May and June to allow for reproduction. Additionally, sport fishing can be done without the use of diving equipment (cylinders), with a maximum of 50 specimens per person, and the sale and commercialization of the caught products is prohibited, as they lack proper documentation for traceability and can potentially be dangerous to public health.

Donnalucata, i carabinieri sequestrano 300 ricci di mare

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