Carabinieri off-duty recovers stolen Mercedes after Marsala with a criminal record is apprehended at supermarket

A carabinieri officer, who was off-duty, noticed a known criminal parking a stolen Mercedes in a supermarket parking lot in Marsala, Italy. The officer called for backup, and upon verification, it was confirmed that the car had been stolen a few days prior. By the time the patrol arrived, the criminal had already entered the supermarket, but when he saw the officers, he fled in the direction of the Amabilina neighborhood. The police pursued him in their vehicle, but he ultimately abandoned the stolen car and escaped on foot through the fields, disappearing. The car was returned to its rightful owner, and the carabinieri continued their search for the criminal in Marsala.

Marsala, pregiudicato al supermercato con una Mercedes rubata: carabiniere fuori servizio fa recuperare l’auto

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