Carabinieri escorting organs for transplant in Catania

The Carabinieri motorcycle squads in Catania provided exceptional service for transporting three separate organs for transplantation. They received a triple request for escort and traffic control for a medical vehicle carrying a heart to the airport for transport to Bari, a pancreas also heading to the airport, and a liver to be transported to Palermo after being taken to Cannizzaro hospital. The Carabinieri immediately organized a convoy with three officers on BMW and Ducati motorcycles. The organs were carefully placed in refrigerated containers and loaded onto the medical vehicles. The convoys moved through the city knowing that any delay could be fatal for the recipients. The quick transport is vital as the maximum time between extraction and implantation is 4 hours for the heart, less than 6 hours for the lung, 12 hours for the liver, and up to 36 hours for the kidney. This operation showcases the importance of the motorcycle squads’ role in this crucial service.

Catania, organi da trapiantare scortati dai «corvi» dei carabinieri

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