Carabinieri arrest suspect in Caltagirone for assaulting elderly woman, using surveillance footage

The Carabinieri of Caltagirone have carried out a precautionary measure issued by the criminal section of the court, for the crimes of evasion and theft, against a 23-year-old. The young man from Caltagirone, who was already under house arrest at his home in Caltagirone, as well as under a precautionary measure of house arrest, has now been fitted with an electronic bracelet, due to the serious acts committed and reconstructed by the Carabinieri’s investigations. Less than a month ago, an elderly woman was suddenly approached by a man who bumped into her and snatched a wallet from her hands containing €350 in cash while she was walking to make purchases in the historic center of Caltagirone. The man, whose face the elderly woman did not see, ran away through the nearby streets. After filing a report at the Caltagirone police station, the Carabinieri acquired, viewed, and analyzed several surveillance camera footage from the area where the theft occurred, managing to identify clear frames of the perpetrator just before and after the incident, holding the stolen wallet. The 23-year-old man, who was already known to the Carabinieri for various judicial matters, was recognized by the officers and reported to the competent judicial authority, both for the crime of theft with force and for evasion, as the incident occurred while the subject was supposed to be confined to his own home.

Caltagirone, scippa un’anziana: i carabinieri lo trovano grazie alle telecamere, arrestato

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