Carabiniere on duty in Monreale sentenced to return 171 thousand euros to the Arma

The judges of the Court of Auditors sentenced the carabiniere Giuseppe Bellebuono, serving in the administrative section of the Monreale group command, to compensate the Arma for 171,000 euros that the soldier allegedly stole from 2015 to 2018. The proceeding was also against Cristoforo Amato, head of the administrative service of the Sicilian carabinieri legion command, who was acquitted. He was defended by lawyers Antonio Cirafici and Fulvio Sinagra.

Bellebuono was the manager of the administrative section of the Monreale group and through false travel certificates made out to unsuspecting colleagues he would have appropriated the sums disputed by the accounting attorney directed by Pino Zingale. The same colleagues from the Monreale group investigated the stolen sums. The same carabinieri to whom the travel certificates had been made out admitted that they knew nothing of the sums. Sifting through the entire management of the administrative manager, a shortfall of around 171 thousand euros emerged. The military would either clone the travel certificates or create new ones. A system that would go ahead, but discovered thanks to the verifications of some colleagues and the computerization of the procedures.

«The conduct of Bellebuono, again, is characterized by the subjective element of fraud – we read in the sentence of the accounting judges -. The material and temporal scope of the machination implemented, developed through the falsification of deeds and signatures as well as through the abusive filling of virgin or cloned travel certificates, leaves no doubts on the desire to functionalize one’s own conduct, knowingly implemented, to the appropriation of mission advances with a correlative, aware, impoverishment of tax reasons».

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