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  • Raizes Teatro presents “The Sicilian Case”, the story of Lisa Siciliano’s femicide
  • The new production of Raizes Theater, inspired by a news story that really happened
  • The cornerstones of the culture that favors the phenomenon of femicide

On 7 February 2012 Rosanna Lisa Siciliano, 37, was killed in Palermo in a service quarters of the Le Falde dell’Arma dei Carabinieri barracks, with a service pistol, by her husband Rinaldo D’Alba, pinned chosen, who immediately after she committed suicide, leaving her two younger daughters, Noemi and Lussianna, who grew up thanks to the support of her maternal uncles, Michele Meli and Manuela Siciliano. A tragic story told by a theatrical production.

The opera is written and directed by Alessandro Ienzi

The spotlights turn on new production by Raizes Teatro, also in this case inspired by a news story that really happened. The work is written and directed by Alessandro Ienzi, director of Palermo and director of Human Freedom 21, a renowned international program for the protection of rights through the arts, facts also explored in in-depth interviews with Lisa’s family.

Streaming presentation

The short will be presented on 10 April at 8 pm in streaming on the channels of the Raizes Teatro Company and the Human Freedom 21 program. “The Sicilian case is a news case that concerns everyone, not just family members or justice workers – he says Ienzi -. In the folds of this history we recognize the key points of the culture that favors the phenomenon of femicide. The work gives our artistic production a new role and a responsibility: the public defense of the victims. This short will be followed by others that have as their subject other Italian and international news events ”.

The story and the investigation

There is a 23-minute voice message that Lisa Siciliano had recorded a year before she was killed, in which the woman turns to the judge who had to decide on the separation from her husband who tormented her with blows and insults. Rosanna Lisa had informed the superiors of the beatings suffered by her husband, of his violent and derogatory attitude. Following the dismissal of the criminal trial, in 2018, Rosanna Lisa’s family had filed an application for compensation against the Council of Ministers and the Ministries of Defense and Justice to ascertain a possible omission by the Carabinieri which, according to what was reported by the relatives, he would not have acted adequately against the contracted person to avert that tragedy. For the adverse parties, those claims for compensation were either prescribed or unfounded. The statute of limitations, according to what the judge writes, comes for a delay in the presentation of the complaint and therefore for “the expiry of the term of five years from the date of the murder”.

From reality to theater

“To tell the story – adds Ienzi – we relied on Lisa’s own words, which we reworked with narrative elements”. “In your opinion, Mr. Judge, how does this trial go?” Asks the woman, at the end of the short film. To date, the daughters of Rosanna Lisa Siciliano have not obtained any relief from the state. The interpreter is Noemi Francesca, an appreciated Neapolitan actress who graduated from the International Theater School.