Carabiniere from Agrigento who died in accident: open investigation

The surveys of the traffic police of Agrigento ended late in the evening, under the orders of the deputy chief Morreale, who will have to clarify the exact dynamics of the tragic accident that took place yesterday afternoon where Davide Ciulla, a young carabinieri from Siculiana in service at the Tenenza di Ribera, lost his life.

The accident occurred along the state road 115, near Cattolica Eraclea. The Ducati on which Ciulla was traveling collided and a Fiat Punto with uncle and nephew on board, both from Siculiana. The impact was very violent.

An entire province is in shock at what has happened. Davide Ciulla, a young carabiniere, was well known in his country of origin, which in the last few hours is clinging to the pain of his family. The mayor Peppe Zambiente also wanted to express condolences by establishing that city mourning will be proclaimed. Messages of condolence also from the colleagues of the young soldier of the Arma.

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