Cara trial of Mineo, in April Luca Odevaine at the bar


CATANIA – The trial, before the Court of Catania, for auction disturbance and forgery in the context of the investigation into the award of the service contract, from 2011 to 2014, to Cara di Mineo was adjourned to 7 April. In the next hearing, the experts in charge of transcribing the wiretaps will be heard. Luca Odevaine will be heard on April 15th as a defendant in a related crime.

Among the 15 defendants also the former Undersecretary for Agricultural Policies, Giuseppe Castiglione, as then implementing body of the largest asylum seekers reception center in Europe, who had requested and obtained immediate judgment. Other defendants include the then mayor of Mineo, Anna Aloisi; the former president of the Sol.Calatino consortium, Paolo Ragusa; the former director of the consortium 'Calatino land of welcome, Giovanni Ferrera; the former leaders of the Ati concerned. Luca Odevaine was released from the proceedings, sentenced to six months in prison with plea bargaining.

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