Car vs wild boar on Palermo-Messina highway: accident at Castelbuono junction

Motorists have already sounded the alarm, but wild boars on the A20 highway continue to sow fear. Especially after the incident involving a woman from Mistretta: just before the Castelbuono exit, her car collided with a wild boar on the road. The driver was unable to avoid it, and the impact was violent. She suffered only fear and some abrasions, but the vehicle sustained significant damage. When the alarm was raised, the highway police officers from Buonfornello and the emergency medical services arrived at the scene as a precaution. Many people who travel occasionally or daily on the A20 highway from Tusa to Buonfornello have written on Facebook in the past few hours to urge others to exercise maximum caution and moderate their speed, as wild boars have been reported on the road in several locations. Last week, a man miraculously managed to avoid a collision while driving. There are also problems on the Palermo-Agrigento highway, another important road, where a wild boar was photographed on the side of the road in Misilmeri at night.

Auto contro un cinghiale sulla Palermo-Messina: incidente allo svincolo di Castelbuono

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