Car removal service suspended, cars blocked in Palermo

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Bad surprise for some families.


PALERMO – From this morning until the afternoon in Palermo the car removal service does not work.
Some families found out at their expense that due to the incivility of some motorists they were stuck with the driveway closed by a parked car.
Residents have discovered that the Amat removal service is no longer active and that the Municipality has turned to some private companies, mostly those that manage the parking lots where the cars taken from the tow truck are taken.

Once arrived the municipal police officers who fined the cars parked in no parking, the bitter discovery.
According to the order of duty in the operations room of the municipal police this morning the Lannino company was to be on duty.
But the managers of the firm reported that they had not been commanded of the service.
So this morning there is no one who picks up the no-parking cars.

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2022-07-31 12:04:00

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