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Car overturns and risks catching fire, fear in the night

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Fear in the night between Saturday and Sunday in Palermo for a car that overturns and also risks catching fire.
Providential intervention by the firefighters who managed to quickly put everything in safety.
But it was great fear for two young people who were inside the cockpit.
Fortunately, both were only slightly injured.

The phases of the accident

The incident occurred around 11pm last Saturday.
The car, with the two boys on board, suddenly overturned while it was passing through via Brunelleschi.
The two inside were able to go out on their own legs but for them it was moments of terror.
In fact, they saw smoke coming out of the engine compartment and immediately thought that something was on fire.

The rescue

On the spot an ambulance of 118 and the firefighters who noticed this smoke and then immediately did their best to shut down and put everything in safety.
At the end of the operations it was realized that the smoke came from the radiator which had been damaged due to the impact.
For the two young people only a few slight bruises and bruises.

The accident in Villabate in recent days

In recent days there is still a lot of fear for another accident on the Palermo-Catania motorway, near Villabate.
A motorist lost control of the vehicle and then crashed into a wall.
Long queues along the artery at Villabate, towards Palermo.
Involved a Toyota Yaris driven by a woman.
The driver would have hit the concrete traffic divider on his left and then stop almost in the middle of the roadway.
The first to intervene were the 118 health workers who took the woman to the emergency room where she, having passed the triage, was given the green code.
Traffic police officers on site to manage traffic.
A few days earlier there was a tragic accident on the state road 115 in Mazara del Vallo, in the Trapani area.
The victim, 17-year-old Morgana Bono, died at the Trauma center of Villa Sofia in Palermo.

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