Car on fire in the Telegraph, a question to clarify the management of the emergency

“There are still many points to clarify about what happened inside the Telegrafo tunnel on the morning of August 31, in the motorway section between Villafranca and Giostra, where a car on fire sent traffic haywire, putting the traffic at risk. the safety of many motorists who were passing by “. This was written by the senator of the M5S Grazia D’Angelo, determined in wanting to present a parliamentary question to see clearly on how the emergency was managed by the Sicialian Motorways Consortium, but not only.

“In the 1,500 meters of this tunnel there is no fire-fighting device. This anomaly was detected by the technicians appointed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport who, in recent months, have carried out a series of checks on the network managed by the Sicilian Motorway Consortium, reporting that the Telegrafo had already been closed since last March. This was also officially stated by the ministerial inspector, engineer Placido Migliorino, who in a detailed report had denounced the danger of this tunnel, not only for its state of structural deterioration , but also for the total absence of fire-fighting equipment, thus decreeing the urgency of banning it from traffic “, he continues. Car on fire in the Telegrafo, Inspector Migliorino: “The structural seal of the tunnel is at risk” “Even the Messina Fire Brigade who intervened on the spot, in their communication sent to the Ministry of the Interior, the Prefecture and the Police Headquarters, highlighted many critical issues about what happened. The Fire Brigade themselves also focused on the management of interventions carried out by the technical staff of the Sicilian Highway Consortium after this accident occurred, stating that none of them were present and the activity carried out by the CAS fire protection staff, which is in charge of the permanent fire service in the tunnels, is unknown motorways “, he writes again. “In addition, the regular reopening of the Telegraph to traffic just 3 hours after the accident could then indicate a further lightness, because it has not been assessed whether this section could be reopened safely, given that the very high temperatures recorded inside the The tunnel could, for example, have damaged the plaster on the vault, so an approximate management of the accident is evident and, what happened, represents an additional step in the overall framework of a bankruptcy administration of the motorways by the CAS. There are no longer any open construction sites and, unfortunately, no real planning of interventions is carried out. All to the detriment of users’ safety “, he explains. “In the past I have presented several parliamentary questions on the questionable management of the CAS and soon I will present a new one to find out how the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport will want to intervene, also asking to hear engineer Migliorino at the hearing in the Senate Transport Commission”, concludes.

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