Car on fire in Messina: driver rescued, vehicle completely burned

This morning in Messina, there was a lot of fear as a car, a Y10, with a woman inside caught fire while driving in the Sant’Agata neighborhood. The woman noticed smoke coming from the engine, pulled over, and immediately the flames broke out. The nearby pharmacy staff tried to extinguish the fire, and firefighters were called to the scene and successfully put out the fire. The car was completely destroyed, and the woman, who was in shock, was assisted by medical personnel. The police and local authorities also arrived at the scene, and traffic in the area was blocked for the fire extinguishing and safety procedures. A similar incident occurred a few days ago in Gravina di Catania, where the car caught fire near a gas station, but all four occupants were able to escape.

Auto in fiamme a Messina: salva la conducente, vettura completamente bruciata

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