car cuts the road to a Fiat Punto, 3 young people in hospital

Editorial Staff 05 September 2021 14:14

A car, perhaps overtaking, cuts the way to the car – a blue Fiat Punto – which was descending towards the Giunone roundabout from the Panoramica dei Templi. The driver of the small blue car, swerving abruptly, ended up against the wall and the guard rail. A total of three people – they are all young North African residents in the city – who, with two 118 ambulances, were taken to the emergency room of the “San Giovanni di Dio” hospital. Fortunately, none of the three young men is in danger of life. When the alarm went off, on the spot – in addition to the 118 ambulances – the road accident section of the traffic police rushed to reconstruct the dynamics of the road accident. A search note for the “pirate” car was issued to the operations centers of the police, which did not stop to provide the necessary aid. It should be another Fiat Punto. However, there would have been no impact between the two cars.

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