Car against SUV in Maddalusa: three wounded


A bad accident occurred in the early afternoon along the highway 115 near the junction for Maddalusa. A SUV and a small car collide due to causes still to be ascertained.

The balance is of three wounded: a person and a child, who were traveling in the same car, and a female. Despite the tremendous impact it would seem that the injured are not serious even if they were extracted from the plates. Now they are hospitalized at the San Giovanni di Dio hospital in Agrigento.

On the spot the agents of the Volanti section and the Agrigento Traffic Police intervened, as well as a team of firefighters and medical personnel.

The traffic on the highway 640 "Strada degli Scrittori" is temporarily blocked at km 5,800, between Porto Empedocle and Villaggio Mosè. On site there is also the staff of Anas for the management of the roads, and for the …

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