Car accident between car and scooter in Messina: one injured person hospitalized at Policlinico

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Another accident in Messina. A Toyota Yaris car and a scooter collided head-on at the intersection of Via Bonsignore and Via Bonino, near the railway bridge. The accident occurred yesterday evening and the causes will need to be determined.

The young man riding the scooter was the most injured. The man was injured. Passing motorists alerted the emergency services. An ambulance arrived at the scene, and the medical staff provided first aid and transported him to the emergency room at the Policlinico.

A patrol of carabinieri and municipal police also arrived at the scene of the accident. The officers conducted all necessary investigations to understand the exact dynamics of the incident. Traffic remained paralyzed until the vehicles were removed and the road was made safe.

Messina, scontro tra un’auto e uno scooter: un ferito ricoverato al Policlinico

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