Caporalato: "Ponos" investigation, non-validated detainees; precautionary measure disclosed


The two women, mother and daughter, believed to be the main suspects in the anti-captive operation “Ponos”, remain in prison.

For three other suspects, house arrest was arranged, for two the obligation to stay in the municipality of residence and for only one of those detained was required to sign. These are the decisions of the magistrate of the court of Agrigento, Stefano Zammuto. The arrest was not validated for any of the eight because the magistrate considered that there was no danger of escape, the only requirement that justifies it. At the same time, however, considering that there was a solid circumstantial picture, he applied precautionary measures for all.

Vera Cicakova, from Slovakia, 59 years old and her daughter Veronika, 37, held at the head of the organization, remain in prison. Order of house arrest for suspects Rosario Ninfosì, 52, of Palma di Montechiaro; Rosario Burgio, 42, …

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