Capo d’Orlando, in a video the mother’s abuse of her seven-year-old son

Patti’s prosecutor, Angelo Vittorio Cavallo, confesses his disbelief in the case of a 46-year-old woman, mother of a 7-year-old child suffering from a mild mental disability, which sexually abused his son.

The woman was arrested by the police in Capo d’Orlandoafter an investigation coordinated by the prosecutor Alice Parialò and resulting from the complaint presented by the father of the child, who had seen a file on his daughter’s cell phone that left little room for doubts about what was happening between the ex-wife and the child. The woman is now under house arrest and the children have been entrusted to their father.

“We too initially thought, reading the complaint, that it was an abnormal thing, but we had to change our minds when we examined a video attached to the complaint, the same one later found on the cell phone of one of the two children. This is a very serious fact, born in the context of a seemingly normal family », says the prosecutor Cavallo.

“Immediately – continues the magistrate – we wanted to remove the mother from the two children to prevent similar episodes from happening again. We will do further investigations to investigate the facts. It seems, from what the lady’s advocate told us, that she suffered from a mild mental disorder, which has been documented, and we will also investigate this further ».
Wife and husband had separated but without any particular trauma. She – according to the story of the ex-husband who after the separation moved to a town near Capo d’Orlando.

One day, while the man was in the company of his two sons, he had looked at their cell phones and discovered the video that the little boy had recorded when his mother talked with him. After a few initial images, the file contained only the voices of the two and the explicit words of mother and son about what was happening between them. The father then filed a complaint, attaching a copy of the video.
The two children had never shown signs of unease – from what also emerged from the testimony of the teachers and acquaintances of the family – nor reported having problems.

The child, assisted by a psychologist, during the investigation described what had happened between him and his mother.

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