Capaci, "A woman perhaps on the site of the massacre"


CALTANISSETTA – The possible presence of a woman on the site of the Capaci massacre in which the judge Giovanni Falcone, his wife Francesca Morvillo and three agents of the escort died was hypothesized by the geneticist of the University of Bari Nicoletta Resta, called to testify to Capaci trial Bis that is celebrated in Caltanissetta. The expert came to this conclusion after analyzing some findings: a pair of latex gloves that were found 63 meters from the crater caused by the explosion together with a torch, batteries and a light bulb.

«From the champions who showed us after 12 years – said the expert – there is some trace from which it cannot be excluded that there may also have been a woman at the site of the massacre ". The defendants of the "Capaci bis" are the bosses Salvo Madonia, Giorgio Pizzo, Cosimo Lo Nigro, Lorenzo Tinnirello and Vittorio Tutino. The first four, at first instance, were sentenced to life imprisonment while Tutino was acquitted for not having committed the fact. The trial will resume on January 28th.

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