Cannizzaro Hospital in Catania: A Stable Place for 25 Temporary Workers

The stabilization of precarious staff at Cannizzaro Hospital in Catania continues. Yesterday, October 20th, the extraordinary commissioner Salvatore Giuffrida ordered the indefinite appointment of 25 employees in various roles: 22 nurses, one physiotherapist, one radiology technician, and one biomedical laboratory technician. These employees possess the required qualifications for professional development in healthcare companies and hospitals, even during the Covid emergency. The hospital itself announced this news. The now stabilized employees responded to an internal notice aimed at precarious healthcare and socio-medical staff, published in 2022. After previous rounds that allowed the indefinite appointment of dozens of doctors and personnel, stabilization has now been applied to other employees who meet the necessary criteria to overcome precariousness.

Ospedale Cannizzaro di Catania, un posto stabile ad altri 25 precari

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