Cannabis cultivation in Sicily, the Ars Foti vice president tries again

“Special supervised” cannabis cultivations to be carried out in various areas of the region to then distribute the herb to Sicilian citizens who need it for therapeutic use. Sicily had already tried, with the last regional budget, but then the Presidency of the Council challenged the rule because it went beyond the statutory powers. But the vice president of Ars, Angela Foti, of the Attiva Sicilia group, does not want to miss this opportunity and announces the intention to try again, perhaps already with the next regional stability law.

“There is great expectation from the world of agricultural entrepreneurship for this possibility – he explains. – If the state cannot fail to guarantee the right to health, the drug must be produced and made available for those who really need it. You can’t get by on the balcony of your home, with all the associated risks “. Article 57, the one challenged last June, had been unanimously approved by the regional parliament and allowed the start of projects for the supply of medical cannabis, under the control of bodies of the Department of Agriculture, such as ESA. , to “meet the requests arising from the needs ascertained by the national health authorities for the production of therapeutic cannabis”. For Foti, “now it is necessary to dialogue with Rome and write a new text that is armored with respect to the risk of appeal”. A determination, that of the Ars vice president, which also passes from the active commitment to the referendum campaign for cannabis which also saw her participate in the promotion and dissemination meeting that took place at the Giardino dei Giusti, in via Laurel in Palermo. Referendum that is becoming a political case. Although well over 500,000 signatures have been collected, two days after the deadline for submitting subscriptions has expired, popular consultation is at risk: in fact, there are more than a thousand municipalities throughout Italy that have not yet associated the signatures digital the electoral certificates of the subjects who have signed. A necessary act to make them valid. For the Luca Coscioni association, one of the promoters of the referendum, the race against time has started, in the hope that at least an extension for delivery can arrive. “The president of ANCI Antonio Decaro did well to recall the municipalities on the need to send certified signatures for the cannabis referendum as soon as possible – declares Fabrizio Ferrandelli, member of the management of Più Europa, and of the national Anci board. – The excess of bureaucracy, the lack of adequate personnel in the administrative machinery of the municipalities and, more generally, the inadequate publicity of the media produce a real obstacle to the exercise of this democratic tool by the citizens. As More Europe we will continue with every possible mobilization so that the municipalities respect the will of over half a million citizens who want to legalize cannabis “.

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