Canicattì: Vineyard completely destroyed, €100,000 in damages

A direct farmer in Canicattì, an agricultural center in the province of Agrigento, Italy, reported that 2,000 Italy grape plants were destroyed after their supports were cut. The damage amounts to 100,000 euros. The 29-year-old farmer, who has been using the three-hectare plot of land in Ponte Bonavia on a free loan for about three years, immediately reported the incident to the police, who launched an investigation. This is not the first time such incidents have occurred in Canicattì, as similar damages to vineyards were reported in previous years. Similar incidents have also occurred this year in Campobello di Licata and Naro.

Canicattì, raso al suolo un vigneto: danni per 100 mila euro

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