Canicattì mourns Antonio Milia, famous for wedding creations in Sicilian fashion world

Mourning in Canicattì and in the world of fashion in Sicily. Antonio Milia, a pillar of the local economy, considered a visionary who transformed the fashion landscape not only in the city of Agrigento but throughout Sicily, has passed away. Famous for his work with the nuns of the convent, creating unique wedding dresses that have captured national and international attention. Thanks to his entrepreneurial skills and impeccable taste, he transformed Canicattì into a point of reference for high-end wedding fashion.

“This beautiful snapshot portrays two people I had the great pleasure of meeting at a particular moment in my work life and who are unfortunately no longer with us. Sandra Milo, whom I had the pleasure of meeting through the dear friend Antonio Milia and who served as the godmother at the baptism of the first issue of my editorial adventure with the quarterly “Sposa Chic Magazine” – Enzo Abate writes on social media – A lovely woman with whom I had the opportunity to converse several times, even on very personal and family topics, exposing a surprising humanity and sensitivity contrary to the ditzy character artistically attributed to her. Great friend of Antonio, or as he called her “my sister Sandra,” a strong, sincere, and deeply respectful relationship, and I believe that the death of Sandra Milo had a significant impact on Antonio Milia’s life, both in his daily mood and mainly on his health. Today, having received and then read that Antonio succumbed to a sudden illness, I can affirm that it was news I never would have imagined and that left me deeply shocked and saddened. Antonio was a skilled and daring entrepreneur, his Atelier in Canicattì a regional reference point in the sale of wedding dresses, always ready to meet the needs not only of customers but also as an employer towards his employees. With friends, he was always a point of reference, his generosity was ever-present, and for this reason, he was always well-liked by the many of us who knew and frequented him. Our last meeting was twenty days ago in San Leone, and we had planned to meet after the Easter holidays for dinner together. Before parting, he reminded me not to forget to notify him of the next orchestra concert as he wanted to be present. Dear Antonio, I never imagined we would meet again in such different circumstances. I will miss seeing you again, but the memory of the kind and affectionate person you were to me will always remain alive in my mind. Have a safe journey, my dear friend, and I am certain you will meet Sandra again, greet her for me.”

Translated into English.

Canicattì, il mondo della moda in Sicilia piange Antonio Milia: famose le sue creazioni per i matrimoni

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