Caltavuturo, Aldo Palagonia tells the Iranian people in a photographic book

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Each journey tells a story, each photographic shot stops the enchantment that the traveler does not want to forget and, beyond the aesthetics and narrative effectiveness of the photo he took,

there remains the need to want to convey the beauty that he perceived in that fleeting moment.
Aldo Palagonia (in the photo), Caltavuturo class 59, defines himself as a world traveler, a lover of music and photography.
But when was this love born? And what was the motivation to tell about Iran with the book Iranian Beauty – a journey through images.
“The awareness of this love – says Aldo Palagonia – has reached the threshold of my fifties, I have always photographed, the camera has always fascinated me and for me the film was the keeper of my shots, landscapes and scenes of everyday life they were photos of unique moments, perhaps today naive but interesting.
This research has always continued and the need to tell my beauty has matured after my three trips to Iran.
I was lucky enough to travel a lot and I visited several Middle Eastern countries that involved and enthused me to the point of transforming the journey into an inner search.
No longer an occasional observer but a researcher of emotional scenes.
My photos take on a different meaning with my first trip to Iran in 2012, they seek a human dimension, details of life and authentic beauty, I would dare to say pure.
I tried to tell the life lived in the streets of dusty villages, of unusual architecture, of majestic mosques, of desert spaces and faces marked by pain and fatigue, images often stolen in quick sequences.
Different itineraries and destinations each time allowed me to collect hundreds of shots that, on my return, kept me company for many sleepless nights.
In those nights I synthesized that infinite wonder that dazzled my eyes and fed my imagination.
I realize only now that the only certainty of these trips was the departure and the need to convey the emotion I received.
So, I wanted to tell, with this Iranian Beauty photographic book, of the Iranian people, of a country with many shades, of the smile and hope of a nation made up of a multitude of peoples and traditions.
A journey through images, where every photo I have chosen I hope was not a trivial shot but the story of a vision that emphasizes beauty as I lived it “.
Giuseppe Meli

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