Caltanissetta, work on the turf of the Tomaselli stadium

This closes an age-old question, fundamental for the many sports associations that use the facility

CALTANISSETTA – It will be the company Zaz Costruzioni Srl of Favara, ranked second in the ranking of the awarding of the tender held on April 14th, to carry out the works of reconstruction of the turf of the Marco Tomaselli stadium. This is what is stated in the determination n. 950 of last July 12 of the direction II “Public works”, after the revocation of the award to the temporary grouping of Impresalv Srl and Edile Vna, a cooperative company of Favara.

The delivery of the works would in fact have to take place in recent days when the temporary grouping of companies first successful bidder communicated the impossibility of proceeding due to the expiry of a certification of the sister company Edile Vna. A situation on which the VII permanent council commission of the Municipality, having learned from the press of the impossibility of the company to proceed with the work, had asked the mayor, through a note, for a detailed report to know the real state of affairs.

The company that will carry out the work, as stated in the resolution, has offered a discount of 32.877% on the auction base amount, for a contractual amount of 573.375,24 euros. The previous firm had offered a 33.99% discount, for a net amount of 563,982.73 euros.

The works are part of the financing of almost one million euros assigned to Coni by the “Sport and Periferie” fund as part of the “urgent measures to encourage the construction of sports facilities in urban suburbs”, pursuant to art. 15 of the decree law of 25 November 2015 n. 185, converted with amendments by the law of 23 January 2016 n. 9.

An age-old question that of the remaking of the Tomaselli turf, a fundamental reality in the city for the many sports associations that use it every day that seems to finally be resolved.

Another knot to be solved now is the beginning of the works considering that, as highlighted by the football club Nissa Fc, the first appointment of the season with the Italian Cup is scheduled for 29 August and that for the team it is also essential to be able to carry out athletic training at Tomaselli.