Caltanissetta woman reports husband after 19 years of violence

A 38-year-old woman from Enna, after 19 years of physical and psychological abuse from her 41-year-old partner from Nisseni, supported by her family, has decided to press charges with the assistance of her lawyer, Eleanna Parasiliti. The woman has also battled cancer, and despite her illness, her husband allegedly provided no support and even continued to mistreat her, taking away money she had earned and physically assaulting her during chemotherapy. Now, the woman has chosen to share her story. The couple met when she was still a student and he was in university. Shortly after becoming pregnant, the nightmare began. His family demanded they get married and she moved in with her in-laws, despite her own parents’ objections. The man’s religious family regularly attended the evangelical church but subjected her to humiliation at home. Over time, he started making her feel inadequate, criticizing her, and insisted on controlling her income. She began rejecting her own body and developed anorexia, now weighing only 40 kilograms. Physical abuse became a regular occurrence for her and their children. However, she never found the courage to report it. While she has now decided to take action by filing multiple complaints, nothing has been done yet, and according to the woman, her husband continues to oppress her.

Caltanissetta, dopo 19 anni di violenze una donna denuncia il marito

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