Caltanissetta, Wednesday Living Chess tournament among the students of the King

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In the wake of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the students of the Martin Luther King Institute will also compete in a living chess tournament accompanied by a parade in period costumes.

The appointment is for this afternoon, June 29, 2022, from 6.30 pm in Piazza Garibaldi.

Guelphs and Ghibellines are the names chosen for the two teams that will face off.

The protagonists of this competition will be the students who with cunning and logic will have to beat the opponents.

“The project – they explained by the Nisseno scholastic institute – has the main objective of enhancing the educational aspects of the character and educated of the young mind, as a vehicle for a culture of associations.
Learning the game technique represents a means to facilitate the student’s maturation and to accelerate the growth of the logical faculties, having fun at the same time.

The preliminary didactic activity for learning the game of chess consists in letting the students play first with the body, then with the chessboard and with the pieces.

Knowledge of the movements of the pieces on the board will develop and consolidate geometric terms and concepts; diagonal, vertical, horizontal, perpendicular, adjacent.

The last of the pieces on the chessboard will develop and consolidate, through the execution of the paths, the capacity of space-time orientation.

The positioning of the pieces on the board as well as finding and marking the alphanumeric coordinates of a given house will develop and consolidate topological concepts.

Participation in tournaments is aimed at a more in-depth acquisition of techniques, but above all at strengthening the character, the ability to deal with problematic situations without losing one’s mind and even making use of all physical and mental resources “.

The manager Rosa Cartella and the municipal administration invite citizens to participate.

In the cover photo: the 2016 tournament

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