Caltanissetta, turns 18 and adds the surname of the mother to that of the father

First adoption at the request of the interested party of the double surname in the province of Caltanissetta after the modification of the legislation on the subject of civil status and the use of the surname of both parents. The case concerns Giuliano B. who recently came of age who confirmed that he shared the request formalized by his parents when still a minor to assume both his father’s and his mother’s surname.

The motivation behind the request is singular. Otherwise, in fact, the mother’s family branch and her surname would have been lost “since there are no brothers, uncles or cousins ​​who can perpetuate the name of the birth family”. Therefore, with the agreement of the parents and the son, the process started in May of this year with the request to the prefect of Caltanissetta was articulated for the fulfillment of all the bureaucratic procedures which also involved the police station of the capital of Caltanissetta and naturally the competent municipal offices and above all that of the civil status up to reaching the table of the prefect Chiara Armenia who deemed the conditions exist for the authorization to the applicants of the posting of the request to attribute to Giuliano B. also the surname of the mother. Once the legal deadline of thirty days for publication has elapsed without observations or appeals and the relative certification has been obtained, Giuliano will be able to boast the surname I. of his mother together with the surname B. of his father, becoming in fact the first citizen of the province of Caltanissetta to have on request both parents’ surnames.

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