Caltanissetta, Tunisian violent and robs a woman: arrested – il Fatto Nisseno

The mobile team yesterday carried out the arrest of a suspect of crime issued by the District Prosecutor of the Republic of Caltanissetta against Aleyi Saadeddine, 30-year-old convicted, of Tunisian nationality. The man is accused of violence sexual, aggravated personal injury and theft.

The crimes were committed in early February against a woman. The violence took place in the home of the arrested, after he had invited the victim, an acquaintance of his, to go to his home. Once in the house, after having had a drink, Aleyi Saadeddine immediately put her hands on the woman. The victim, sensing the man’s intentions, asked him to stop, but was hit with fists and slaps.

After hitting her, the attacker locked the door of the house and violently forced the woman to undergo sexual acts; after raping her, and before letting her go, the man also robbed her of objects she kept in her bag. The woman at first, out of shame, decided not to tell anything about what had happened to her, then, due to the injuries suffered, she went to the hospital.

The investigations started right from the emergency room where, at the request of the doctors, the crew of a steering wheel intervened and collected the first testimonies of the victim. The subsequent investigation carried out by the mobile team allowed the Public Prosecutor’s Office to issue the arrest decree, with serious indications of guilt in relation to the crimes against the man.

In fact, the latter, whose name the victim did not know, was photographically identified with absolute certainty by the woman, who also described with particular precision the criminal conduct committed and the physical features of Aleyi Saadeddine. The policemen yesterday brought the man to prison at the disposal of the judicial authorities, thus avoiding the danger of escape.