Caltanissetta, the municipal summer centers reopen between outdoor activities, music and entertainment

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With the summer the summer camps for all the girls and boys of Caltanissetta are back

After the success of last year, lived in the spirit of joy, fun and cheerfulness, the Municipality has decided to replicate the experience.

On the program there is music, sport, nature and many activities.
6 projects presented by local associations have already been admitted and financed.

“Associations and their operators, families and their children, have always been at the center of our activities” commented Councilor Cettina Andaloro.

From 4 July to 18 September you can choose from the proposals of ASDV Naponos (The Gruffalo’s Camp 2022), ASD Polisportiva Nissena (Gioco I learn and …
I have fun), ASD Sport Club Nissana 1962 (Viva Caltanissetta 3), Amateur Sports Association Centro Postura and well-being (I also play Sport for All), APS Sulle Ali della Musica (See you at Villa grande 2022) and Legambiente Caltanissetta (Let’s make Nature 3).

The summer camps will take place in the atrium of the Scarabelli library, at the Villa Cordova, Campetto Michele Amari Portella della Ginestra, the Santa Barbara municipal villa, the outdoor area of ​​the church of Santa Barbara, the Amedeo municipal villa, the Dubini park and the Provvidenza district.

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