Caltanissetta, the associations of SOS CENTRAL SICILY ‘mistreated’ cultural heritage, indifference of the institutions

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There is hardly a day in which a controversy, a debate, a doubt concerning the cultural heritage and the memorial heritage of Caltanissetta does not break out.

From the story of the inappropriate use, not authorized by the Superintendency, of the historic Palazzo Moncada and on whose responsibilities a veil has fallen; to the umpteenth conferences on mines in the absence of a recovery project (at least) of the sulphurous memory and therefore also of the Carusi Cemetery which is in a total state of abandonment; from the “virtual” support to a citizen committee for the maintenance of the RAI antenna, in the absence, however, of a budget item that provides for its management and a fundamental change of ownership of the antenna itself that will probably never occur; the design of an escalator that will gut, albeit underground, the imposing Silvio Pellico staircase for whose construction, certainly not a priority, the Municipality has received a loan of 500,000 euros from the Ministry of the Interior; the risk of dismantling the Museum of the first elementary school in Caltanissetta, the San Giusto, to make room for the classrooms of the CIPIA after it had been publicly promised to the Headmaster of the “Vittorio Veneto” Comprehensive Institute, of which the complex is part , that this would never happen.

Not to mention what is no longer talked about as it is sucked into the oblivion of promised and never arrived loans, that is the state of abandonment and degradation of our archaeological sites, closed and robbed daily by “thieves of antiquity” while elsewhere, even in a short distance away, they are home to events and tourist accommodation.
And, nevertheless, we learn with great surprise from the media of the reconfirmation of those who, from 2019 to today, have done little or nothing to protect and enhance our archaeological heritage.

As SOS Sicilia centrale we are witnessing more and more stunned by the institutional indifference with which, behind the screen of cards in place and the risk of loss of funding, we proceed with confidence and disregard of incontrovertible facts: the absence of any planning that considers the economic, social and cultural status quo of the city of Caltanissetta.

Several have already taken a position on the mechanization project of the Silvio Pellico stairway and, in a perspective of development of road infrastructures, which sees the construction of a new bus parking area also in the via Rochester area, the proposal would not be senseless, if however did not touch one of the most typical and monumental artifacts of Caltanissetta and if, in the area, there were not much less noble stairways that would lend themselves well to use.

In a city like ours, where the only servant staircase for access to the disabled – which connects the mezzanine floor and the noble floor of the aforementioned Palazzo Moncada – is normally out of use, in which the only sub road – that is the one that connects the two fronts of Corso Testasecca under Piazza Grazia – is abandoned as a receptacle for bottles and cigarette butts, it would be a really nice challenge not so much to create, but to manage an underground escalator, on a steep slope and which, today as today, it connects two pedestrian sections that are not very popular with citizens.
The problems of the city, in fact, do not lie so much in the expenditure of the shift financing, which is often considerable, as in the overall logic of the interventions and subsequent use.
Funding has not been lacking from the Michele Abbate center to the Gibil Gabib antiquarium, from the Scarabelli Library to the Sabucina excavations, but these places live only if there is some activity (in Sabucina, not even that): normally they are either closed or does the minimum wage, revealing how the connective tissue that builds a community, that is its culture, is often a facade kit.

We wonder where that auroral moment ended when this Administration had prepared three days to involve the city for urban regeneration projects.
Certainly it is not the associations (although not gathered in any Council) that lack the desire and the proactiveness to collaborate.
We remind our politicians that the only stakeholders they should consult are the Nissen citizens, if not to make a commercial, at least to ask them which road sections would be more frequented if there were a removal of architectural barriers.
We therefore hope that this escalator project, to the costs of which we risk adding havoc, will remain on standby until there is certainty that material and aesthetic damage will not be caused to the architectural structures and that there will be future management full clarity.

The associations of SOS CENTRAL SICILY

(Alchemy Association, Nissena Archaeological Association, Living City Association, Gibil Habib neighborhood committee, Italia Nostra Sicilia, Pro Loco of Caltanissetta, PiùCittà, SiciliAntica)

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