Caltanissetta: solidarity from the Criminal Chamber to the colleague victim of intimidation – il Fatto Nisseno

The Criminal Chamber of Caltanissetta expresses the most total solidarity and affectionate closeness to his colleague Maria Giambra, a lawyer of great value and innate correctness and honesty, the victim of a vile and ignoble attack that follows previous intimidation.

“We note with great concern – declared the President Sergio Iacona in a note – how it is becoming more and more dangerous to carry out our profession with honesty.

We thank the Public Prosecutor’s Office for their efforts in the investigations aimed at identifying the guilty of the ignoble gestures and for the escort service guaranteed to the colleague.

We thank the Criminal Chamber of Gela for the solidarity expressed.

We hope that the Politics will pay more and more attention to the Advocacy, an essential safeguard of legality and a bulwark of freedom to protect citizens.

We maintain constant and careful vigilance reserving the right to take appropriate initiatives to protect the colleague.