Caltanissetta, schools closed until April 14th. The Mayor Gambino confirms the decision, asking for the extension of the red zone in Musumeci – il Fatto Nisseno

The Mayor Roberto Gambino, during a live Facebook, communicated to the citizens that he had submitted to the Governor Nello Musumeci the request for the renewal of the red zone for the city of Caltanissetta. A consequence derived from the contagion data received from the ASP yesterday.

The meeting with the operational group (COC) was also attended by the Health Director Marcella Santino who confirmed that 80% of the positives are affected by the English variant and there are outbreaks also within schools. Prerogative that allowed the Mayor Roberto Gambino to be able to waive and ask for the suspension of teaching activities in presence from 7 April, the day on which the gates should have reopened, until 14 April 2021.

“The English variant – explained Gambino summarizing Dr. Santino’s position – is extremely dangerous and contagious. This causes a high risk not so much inside the schools in which the health protocol is respected as outside, even among parents who accompany their children every day ”.

The Mayor also addressed the traders who will demonstrate in the square against the closures on Wednesday 7 April. “I understand that this decision limits the freedom of each of us but also that of entrepreneurs who hoped to return to the orange zone in order to reopen their businesses. This, however, does not depend absolutely on me and sometimes it seems to me to stop the sea with my hands – underlined the Mayor with bitterness -. How can a Mayor do in a situation that seems out of control due to the English variant. And I will tell you more: I will remain next to you to shout against this situation that seems unstoppable. I spoke to Undersecretary Pierpaolo Sileri asking him for an extraordinary intervention from the Government. The national and regional government must help and support us in this very difficult situation. I am convinced as you are that it is necessary to have support and support when such clear-cut closures are imposed ”.

The COC, however, is not postponing to observe the situation but is trying to better understand how the virus spreads. “The red zone established 20 days ago by President Musumeci has not produced any effects but, on the contrary, the infections continue to increase. It is necessary to increase the controls in the city and the offices have been given a mandate to prepare a cartography for the location of the infections in order to immediately identify the formation of outbreaks ”concluded the Mayor.

“I don’t know what the solution is. It could probably be the total Lockdown making us all stay at home for a month but the DL Draghi severely limits the Mayor’s interventions and, therefore, they must be the ones to find them. We are witnessing the growth of infections also in the municipalities adjacent to ours and this data should not be underestimated. Controls and patrols are not enough, we too must protect ourselves from this contagious virus “.

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