Caltanissetta. Rotary takes the field for the protection of bees by joining the “SOS Api” project. – the Fact Nisseno

CALTANISSETTA. Yesterday in the headquarters of Banca Sicana – Conference room, District 2110 of Rotary International signed two important partnership agreements with CDS spa – Supermarket Distribution Center and PA Digitale Sicilia srl ​​as part of the SOS API Project initiatives.

The ceremony was held with the initials of Gaetano De Bernardis, Governor of District 2110 of Rotary International, Angelo Agliata, CEO of CDS, represented by Giuseppe Giannavola, Eugenio Salvaggio Sole Director of PA Digitale. Salvo Rappa, manager of Banca Sicana, Francesco Daina, President of the Rotary Club of Caltanissetta and Luigi Loggia, Delegate of the Nissena area for the project were present.

SOS API is a broad-spectrum project that is part of Rotary’s seventh path of action, the environmental one, and was launched in collaboration with 3Bee, an agri-tech start-up.

Today about 75% of food crops depend on pollination, largely by honey bees.

This initiative aims to promote initiatives aimed at protecting Bees, against which heartfelt alarms have been launched due to the concrete risk of extinction, most recently also by the UN, which established World Bee Day on May 20 each year.

The first partnership protocol was signed with the CDS and provides, among other things, a path of experiential events to be carried out in the points of sale located in all the Sicilian provinces, also with the participation of beekeepers.

Dr. Angelo Agliata communicated with a note: “We took with great enthusiasm the invitation to participate in the SOS API project, whose objectives we immediately shared. We support initiatives that place the territory and the environment at the center of protection and conservation projects also with a view to sustainable development. “

Even the Digital PA with Eugenio Salvaggio says he is “enthusiastic to be able to participate in the project also for the mission of balance and natural regulation carried out by the Bees. So our company has now coined a new motto: Save Data and Save Bees ”.

Governor De Bernardis thanks the two companies for the high profile of values ​​shown in having offered their partnership with strong conviction, not only through contributions, but also with effective ideas and original operational proposals. Our heartfelt thanks go to them, their staff and all those who have devoted themselves to the realization of these collaborations.

There was also an important parterre with numerous other authorities, including the past Governor Arcangelo Lacagnina, the District Secretary Sergio Malizia, the District Co-Secretary Roberto Lo Nigro, the District Treasurer Fausto Assennato, Vito Cocita, Rotary President of Valle del Salso; Giuseppe Misuraca, president of Rotary Mussomeli; the Assistant to the Governor Luigi Di Pietra; the Rotary Foundation Delegate for Western Sicily, Salvatore Sanfilippo.

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