Caltanissetta protagonist in the book “From the parts of Leonardo Sciascia. Places, writings, memory”. – the Nisseno fact

There is also Caltanissetta among the favorite places of Leonardo Sciascia told in the book, just published by the Milanese publisher Zolfo, “From Leonardo Sciascia’s parts. Places, words, memory ”written by Salvatore Picone and Gigi Restivo for the centenary of the Sicilian writer’s birth.

“My transfer to Caltanissetta was accidental. It was a fatality that had a huge impact on my destiny ”, Sciascia said speaking of his relationship with the city.

In the book by Picone and Restivo, scholars who have always been linked to the author of the “Day of the owl”, among the animators of the “Sciascia” House-Museum in Racalmuto, we take a journey through Sciascia’s places: from Racalmuto to Caltanissetta. And then Palermo, Rome, Manzoni’s Milan, Spain and his beloved Paris.

The chapter dedicated to Caltanissetta recounts the years in which Sciascia, just fifteen, moved to the city with his family because his father was employed in a mine in Assoro, in the Ennese area. Sciascia attended the teaching institute in Caltanissetta where he met Vitaliano Brancati and where he especially frequented a group of anti-fascists and intellectuals.

Among the Nissenian places described in the volume (280 pages, 18 euros) the publishing house of Salvatore Sciascia where the writer has directed, since 1950, the magazine “Galleria”; and then the walks in corso Umberto and corso Vittorio Emanuele, the Roman coffee and the municipal library. IS

again: the municipal theater and cinemas of the past, via Redentore, the street where the Sciascia family lived and where the barber Salvatore Diminuco still works, the shaving room frequented by Leonardo Sciascia when, at the end of the 1950s – after the experience as an elementary school teacher in Racalmuto – he returned to Caltanissetta with his wife and daughters, always in via Redentore. Another place of the heart: the church of Provvidenza where Sciascia married Maria Andronico on 19 July 1944.

And we read, again in the book “From the parts of Leonardo Sciascia”, embellished by the preface by Gaetano Savatteri, by Father Alfonso Bingo who celebrated the wedding of the young couple who then settled in Racalmuto in the house now open to the public thanks to the patron Pippo Di Falco and a fundamental stage of the tourist-cultural route of the “Road of the writers”. Of the relationship between Sciascia and Caltanissetta, there is also a passage from a rare text by the writer of 1960 dedicated to the rites of Holy Week with a “festive” city that “vibrates with joy in vibrating”.

“Without the relationship with these places – write the authors of the book – Sciascia’s writing would have been different. For these reasons it is necessary to deepen the relationship of this writer with the places of the soul and the heart to better understand his books and his life ”.

A book aimed not only at lovers of the works of Leonardo Sciascia, but also at travelers and tourists who intend to discover and deepen the literary places dedicated to one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century in Europe. Inside the volume there is also a photo album with shots by Pietro Tulumello, Angelo Pitrone, Ivano Da Corte, Giuseppe Troisi and Lillo Miccichè. The latter, a photographer from Caltanissetta, created the image of the “Badia” for the book.