Caltanissetta promoted with AAA for spending on IT equipment

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Twenty-eight Italian provincial capitals ‘promoted’ with the triple AAA in the management of IT costs.
This was decreed by the special classification prepared for Adnkronos by the Administrative Gazette of the Italian Republic, as part of the ‘Pitagora’ project, which examines the costs incurred in 2020 by Regions and provincial capitals (on the website all tables and figures in the report).

The most ‘virtuous’ for this cost item of the institution, thus obtaining the highest rating, are Piacenza, which spent only 109.80 euros in 2020, and then Rieti (122.00), Udine (129.00) , L’Aquila (232.68), Carbonia (309.11), Catanzaro (649.57), Nuoro (788.17), Catania (966.20), Bari (980.63), Andria (1.018.85 ), Teramo (1,088.24), Campobasso (1,550.59), Savona (1,666.00), Grosseto (1,830.00), Latina (1,882.92), Como (2,025.20), Perugia (2,267.17) , Sassari (2,547.90), Forlì (2,761.31), Syracuse (2,836.01), Terni (3,029.99), Reggio Calabria (3,276.27), Palermo (3,328.98), Pescara (3,399.60) , Taranto (3,922.17), Parma (4,209.88), Venice (6,291.85), Florence (8,475.51).

Another 23 capitals are also among the most virtuous for this expense item, obtaining the double AA: Rovigo, Monza, Agrigento, Brindisi, Viterbo, Pesaro, Vibo Valentia, Rome, Verbania, Massa, Mantua, Enna, Turin, Arezzo, Caltanissetta , Pistoia, Naples, Aosta, Ragusa, Barletta, Varese, Gorizia, Belluno.

While there are 19 who win the A: Vercelli, Livorno, Trento, Asti, Oristano, Fermo, Salerno, Frosinone, Milan, Modena, Isernia, Pordenone, Potenza, La Spezia, Trapani, Macerata, Cosenza, Alessandria, Urbino.

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