Caltanissetta. Preparations are underway for the Record of the longest Cannolo in the world – the Fatto Nisseno

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After twenty years, the Guinness atmosphere returns to Caltanissetta.
In 2002 the Nissen pastry chefs created the rollò of 300 meters, the longest in the world.
This year the pastry chefs are focusing on another Nissen excellence: cannoli.

The set goal is the creation of a 20-meter long cannoli, in full compliance with the traditional recipe.
In this regard, only local raw materials will be used.
The rind, made from ancient “Maiorcone” wheat flour, typical of the arid Nissene countryside, will take shape thanks to a special metal “barrel” built by a local workshop.
After frying, the skilled arms of our pastry chefs will hurry to fill it with the delicious ricotta and sugar filling

The initiative was presented during a hearing before the V Council Commission of the Municipality of Caltanissetta and immediately afterwards at the Caltanissetta Chamber of Commerce.
Thus began the organizational machine for the public event scheduled for 11 September 2022.

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2022-08-06 08:14:00

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