Caltanissetta, Poste Italiane become Green with the new LED lights – il Fatto Nisseno

New light for the post offices in the province of Caltanissetta. The plan for the installation of LED lights in the Poste Italiane offices continues at full speed, which in April will involve 14 post offices in the Nisseno area and which aims to complete the placement of the new lighting in all of them by the end of the year. the post offices of Sicily.

The initiative, in the name of energy efficiency, provides for the replacement of fluorescent lamps in order not only to reduce the electricity consumed but above all to respect the environment by helping to cut carbon dioxide emissions.

Environmental protection is one of the “pillars” of Poste Italiane’s sustainability strategy, which again this year has decided to kick off the “green month” initiative: for thirty days, events will be organized in the company aimed at getting to know the good “green” practices, including the participation in recent days in the initiatives in support of the environment “M’illumino di meno” and “Earth Hour”.

In Caltanissetta, at the headquarters in via Leone XIII, the lights were turned off for an hour in order to reduce consumption and be an example of good behavior in combating light pollution and keeping attention on the need to intervene on climate change in course.

Poste Italiane has also renewed the decalogue on sustainable behaviors to be adopted in everyday life by launching the hashtag #meseverdeposte on social media for 30 days, so that everyone can give testimony of their contribution to protecting the environment.

The Company continues to promote initiatives to enhance the territory in the various areas with an increasingly aware approach on environmental issues to reach the “zero emissions” target set for 2030, as confirmed by the CEO Matteo Del Fante on the occasion of the presentation. of the Group’s Strategic Plan “2024 Sustain & Innovate”.

The green initiative to replace old light bulbs with LEDs is in line with the ESG principles on the environment, social and corporate governance, respected by socially responsible companies.

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