Caltanissetta, new life for toys discarded by children with Ri-giochi@mo

At the Lombardo Radice school in Caltanissetta, Ri-giochi@mo continues until 21 December. Our children’s discarded toys will not end up in the undifferentiated waste container, but will be handed over to other children.

“From a psychological point of view, the game has always been of great importance for children, because it represents the truest and most spontaneous expression of childhood, favoring the psychological development of the child – explains the teacher Romina Anzalone (in the video) – Through play, the child learns action patterns and relational skills, develops motor and cognitive skills, builds a behavioral repertoire on which personality development will be based”.

The game allows you to achieve the following objectives; stimulates curiosity, dexterity, imagination, enhances learning. There is a substantial difference between the children’s games of yesterday and those of today, if in the past the children played in groups in the open air, in the squares and this facilitated their socialisation, today they play at home or on the computer, in the absence of their peers, canceling opportunities for healthy interaction.

So let’s play again is a socially useful tool as it also allows less fortunate children to play, promoting their psychophysical well-being and at the same time prevents toys, still in good condition, from ending up in the waste bin. We must also imagine the emotion of giving something of ours to others, and see the emotion of the child who receives it. As Saint Teresa of Calcutta said: “there is more joy in giving than in receiving.

Toys, with a view to reducing waste, recycling and reuse, all the games were checked and those not suitable for being donated to small natural recipients were sent to the various recycling circuits.

The Re-play this year project has joined both the EWWR, the European Week for Waste Reduction still ongoing, an initiative aimed at promoting the implementation of awareness-raising actions on sustainability and correct waste management and also the Festival of Sustainable Development concluded on 27 October, the Sustainable Development Festival is the largest Italian initiative to raise awareness and mobilize citizens, the younger generations, businesses, associations and institutions on the issues of economic, social and environmental sustainability, spread the culture of sustainability and bring about change cultural and political one that allows Italy to implement the United Nations 2030 Agenda and achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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