Caltanissetta, Messina Denaro lawyer requests nullity of the fugitive decree – the Fact Nisseno

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A ”There is no proof that Matthew Messina Denaro, a quarter of a century earlier, had knowledge that a prison order would have been issued against him for the facts that are contested in this trial, where he is accused of being the instigator for the Capaci and via D ‘massacres.
Amelio “.
This is what Salvatore Baglio, lawyer of the superlatitant, said today during the hearing that was held today in the Court of Assizes of Appeal in Caltanissetta and which sees the Mafia boss accused.
The lawyer requested the nullity of the fugitive decree, and consequently also that of the citation decree capable of appeal.
The court, at the request of the Deputy Attorney General Lucia Brescia, postponed the trial to 6 July.

Sicilian news 2022-06-22 22:40:00

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