Caltanissetta, Marco Spiaggia (Confartigianato) we will listen to the needs and requirements of entrepreneurs

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Confartigianato Caltanissetta has renewed its associative positions by choosing to entrust its guidance to 40-year-old Marco Spiaggia.

The new president already has clear ideas on the program to be implemented in the medium and long term with the support of the board.
“The work done by my predecessor, Tarcisio Sberna, was excellent and I will try to continue on the same path – explained Marco Spiaggia -.
As an association today we are strongly focusing on the categories trying to listen to everyone’s needs, from construction to plant engineering to those that focus mainly on manual activities “.

The president also underlined the need to regain contact and presence meetings with all the associates, especially after this long period of pandemic that has seriously undermined the artisan categories.

“Each category has a story of its own and we want to listen to the needs of each to think of a path that enhances their culture and supports their needs”.
It is not the first assignment that has been entrusted to Marco Spiaggia who has over 20 years of associative experience to his credit.

He was president of the Young Entrepreneurs Caltanissetta, subsequently president for the plant sector of the Province of Caltanissetta and now, in addition to being the provincial president, he is also regional president of the plant engineering category.

A curriculum that has already ensured to put at the service of the entire territory and for its development.

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