Caltanissetta, Marco Pignataro died: the former president of the association of large families had 9 children

Mourning a Caltanissetta for the death of Marco Pignataro, former president of the city’s large families association and known for his participation in the Neocatechumenal Way. He was 53 years old and last December 26 had been hit by a cerebral hemorrhage. The rush to the Sant’Elia hospital in Caltanissetta, the hospitalization and after 7 days his death. He leaves behind a wife, 9 children and 3 grandchildren. During the days of hospitalization, friends, family members and brothers of the neocatechumenal path – a Catholic Christian itinerary active in Caltanissetta in the parishes of San Paolo, San Michele and Santa Flavia – had organized several prayer vigils. One of these was also presided over by the Bishop Monsignor Mario Russotto.

The news of the death spread, there were many messages of condolence on social networks. Among the first, the one written by members of the diocesan youth pastoral office: “With immense pain in our hearts, with great affection and in prayer, we bid our goodbyes in heaven to our friend, brother and member of the diocesan youth pastoral office Marco Pignataro who left us prematurely this afternoon to return to the Father’s house after these days of suffering… Together with the angels and the saints, dear Marco, now contemplate the face of God whom you loved so much, served and witnessed wherever you were; looking out of the window look down here pray to the Holy Virgin Mary for your family, your beloved children, grandchildren, for your beloved Beatrice Di Carlo (also a member of our diocesan office) and for each of the people you loved and wanted you well here on earth … We want to remember you among us always smiling, ready to play down, with a ready joke, concrete, deep, sensitive and attentive … We huddle n In prayer to Beatrice, we are beside you. Goodbye in heaven Marco dear, pray for us and for our young people. Your travel companions from the Diocesan Youth Ministry Office”.

“You die like this.. at 53, with a wonderful family behind you. You die like this… despite being an honest person, despite leading an upright life, despite being close to God. You just die and that’s the only thing that comes to think is so obvious that it makes you shiver: “we are really nothing!!!”, writes Rita Porrovecchio. And Danila Formica adds: “How much sorrow. There are no words, only so much bitterness in my heart. I’m sorry I didn’t have the chance to say a last goodbye. May our God support Beatrice and all your splendid children in faith. Bye dear Marco “.

Today, Tuesday 3 January, at 8 pm, a funeral vigil will take place in the church of San Paolo, where the funeral will be celebrated on Wednesday 4 January at 4 pm by Bishop Mario Russotto. The family of the deceased has asked not to buy flowers or wreaths and not to make the usual offerings of funeral rites but two containers will be placed in the church to raise funds.

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