Caltanissetta, magistrate finds a terracotta mold from the 5th century BC

A terracotta mold with female features, most likely attributable to Persephone-Kore and datable between the end of the 6th century and the beginning of the 5th century BC, was found in the archaeological area of ​​Gibil Gabib, in Caltanissetta, by Francesco Lauricella, magistrate on duty. to the court of Caltanissetta, passionate about archeology, who handed it over to the Superintendent of Cultural Heritage, Daniela Vullo. The exhibit, partially intact, depicts a young woman dressed in a chiton, himation and with her hair gathered in braids on her chest.

The image, which is not finished on the back, has a height of 9 centimeters and a width of 4.5 centimeters. The find is part of the Geloa-Akragantina choroplastic tradition. «An important discovery – underlines the regional councilor for cultural heritage and Sicilian identity, Alberto Samonà – made even more precious because its delivery to the Superintendency is the result of that responsible and fruitful collaboration of private citizens. We are all custodians of what history has given us. I will have the pleasure of meeting doctor Lauricella who in our eyes is a witness of beauty ».

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