Caltanissetta, INPS single and universal check. Questions by June 30

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Those who have not yet submitted the application for the single and universal allowance have until June 30 to also obtain recognition of the arrears due from March.

This was communicated by INPS Caltanissetta, which explained that after June 30, the check will run from the month following the one in which the application is submitted, no longer entitled to overdue checks.

By submitting the application in July, therefore, the check that will be due from the month of July will be paid in August.

A simulator is also available on the Institute’s website which, without the need for user authentication, allows you to calculate the amount due starting from March 2022.

INPS reminds that this amount is paid on the basis of the economic condition of the family unit and, therefore, can be determined on the basis of the ISEE presented and currently valid.

For those who do not present ISEE, the payment of a minimum check of 50 euros per month per child is required.

To submit the application, simply access the website or contact the Institute’s Patronati or Contact Center.

News from Sicily 2022-06-23 10:08:00

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