Caltanissetta, Guitar Festival the Nissen musicians Fabio Maida and Angelo Palmeri will close

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The 1st INTERNATIONAL GUITAR FESTIVAL CITY OF CALTANISSETTA is now coming to an end, organized by the Seicorde Association under the patronage of ARS and in collaboration with Tecno3, Ad Majora and the Municipality of Caltanissetta.

A unique event for the city of Caltanissetta which saw the presence on the stage of several international guitarists, from the Cuban Marco Tamayo, to the Polish trio of Marcin Dylla with the duo Kupinski, and several others.

A large and warm audience applauded the performances of these extraordinary artists who performed in locations of historical and architectural interest, such as the splendid Abbey of S.
Spirito, the diocesan museum, the Mazzaro church in Mazzarino, and others.

The Nissen musicians of the duo “Astor”, Fabio Maida (guitar) and Angelo Palmeri (oboe), will close the Festival, characterized by a long artistic partnership of many years of musical experience that has led them around the world with their instruments, an oboe and a guitar, apparently different instruments but united by a nasal sound and a great “evocative” ability which, ranging from the legendary music of Morricone to the masterpieces of Piazzolla, will complete this fantastic cycle of the 1st International festival of Caltanissetta, a wonderful experience and absolutely to be repeated next year with many other great and engaging performers.

Retracing the whole festival, it should be remembered that the Cuban guitarist Marco Tamayo opened the dance, returning from a tour in Mexico, certainly among the very first classical guitar artists in the world.

His performances literally enthralled the audience with the execution of Paganini’s extraordinary caprices, in Tamayo’s arrangement, and other pieces such as the suite 996 of the supreme Bach performed for the occasion in a harpsichord version, passing from an extreme technique and from shivers in the warmest and most tenuous poetic lyricism.

Then it was the turn of the Roman guitarist Andrea De Vitis, younger than Tamayo but equally good in the execution of a program “homage to the city of Caltanissetta” with pieces by the Florentine Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco and a “sumptuous” performance of the famous chaconne by Bach .

De vitis, a very refined and elegant performer, delighted the audience with his mastery.
The third appointment saw on stage the duo900 made up of local guitarists Fabio Maida and Giuseppe Spalletta from Mazzarinese who gave life to a high-level performance with a contemporary repertoire centered mainly on Astor Piazzolla, with the execution of the “primavera portena” with his sudden changes of mood and rhythm, to the beautiful songs

“Escolaso” and “Zita” from Piazzolla’s Troileana suite, alternating overwhelming rhythms with a calm and sweet lyricism.
All concluded with the enthralling South American rhythms of the “Retratos” suite by the Brazilian Radamès Gnattali.
The understanding between the two guitarists of the duo900 is perfect.

The 4th round saw the performance of another Roman guitarist, Gian Marco Ciampa, very young but absolutely of a high level.

Ciampa held a beautiful concert in the splendid setting of the Mazzaro church in Mazzarino in front of a large audience with the performance of a program centered on the “DOLCE GUITAR” with a journey through the centuries and through the musical cultures of the whole world through a program that collected all the many facets of the instrument, starting from romantic music up to the twentieth century where the guitar knows its creative splendor.

We then move on to the Neapolitan Piero Viti, world-class exponent of the early 19th century music of his famous countryman Ferdinando Carulli, with a program entitled “The guitar in Naples between the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century”.
The execution was carried out through a splendid 1826 guitar made by the precious hands of the luthier Gennaro Fabbricato.

The Maestro delighted the audience by demonstrating how the guitars that were played in the refined living rooms of the early 19th century had a voice and a timbre presence of absolute respect.

The 6th appointment saw the performance of the Polish trio, for the first time in Italy made up of the famous Marcin Dylla, known to guitar lovers together with the equally famous and refined duo Kupinski.

The trio, through an elegant and technically perfect performance, offered the Nisseno public a reworking for guitar duo and lead guitar of the famous concert by the Brazilian composer Heitor Villa Lobos.

Followed by another famous performer, the guitarist from Lignano Sabbiadoro, Adriano Del Sal, one of the most significant young performers of recent years.
The exceptional musical talent and profound artistic sensitivity, as well as the total technical mastery of the instrument, make his interpretations truly unforgettable… a true virtuoso of music.

Then two artists from Palermo performed, Maestro Nereo Luigi Dani, a great expert in Renaissance and Baroque music together with the singer and harpist Ginevra Gilli.

The duo captivated the large audience within the splendid setting of the Abbey of S.
Spirito, transporting them through a fantastic journey back in time of 500 years with soft and delicate harmonies at the court of Charles V of Spain.

A big applause to the two masters for this anachronistic concert that allowed the listener a fantastic journey through time.

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