Caltanissetta, Falcone: “Economy in collapse, urgent political technical table with regional government and undersecretary Cancelleri”

Caltanissetta, Falcone:

Matilde Falcone Municipal Councilor of Caltanissetta declares: “On March 25 I wrote a note to the Press where I asked the Mayor to convene a technical-political table, with all the provincial deputation and the regional government and the Undersecretary Cancelleri, to find solutions to face both worsening of the pandemic and the very serious economic situation resulting from it. Given the worsening of the situation, the Mayor asked President Musumeci to extend the red zone until April 14. In the light of all this, I believe that the convocation of the aforementioned body in a very short time is not delayed. The situation is really serious. We can’t wait any longer, clothing merchants, along with the other categories that have been closed for three weeks, can’t wait any longer. The economy of our city is collapsing. Take action immediately. Each one assume your responsibilities. “

Matilde Falcone Municipal Councilor.

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