Caltanissetta. Covid. Health Coordination FP Cgil asks Asp to start research induced antibodies of vaccinated health personnel. – the Nisseno fact

CALTANISSETTA. The Health Coordination of the FP CGIL Caltanissetta composed of Maurizio Lopiano, Alessandro La Marca and Salvatore Cardinale submitted to the ASP the request for induced antibody research of vaccinated health personnel.

In a note they underlined: “Considering that in various Sicilian ASPs, the search for post-vaccination induced antibodies has already been carried out on health personnel subjected to vaccination, useful for determining the immunological status of health workers, considering that the same should be monitored and that in our ASP there have been cases of operators who, despite the vaccination, were still positive for the Covid 19 variant, this Directorate General is requested to authorize the various company clinical pathology services to carry out the research on all vaccinated health personnel. post vaccination antibodies in order to evaluate the exact vaccination coverage of the same “.