Caltanissetta, beats his partner and the child: a thirty-year-old is arrested

Maltreatment of family members is the accusation against a 30-year-old man from Caltanissetta arrested in the act by the police. The agents had intervened in via Redentore noticing the man chasing a woman shouting “I’ll kill you”. The victim, wounded in the head, ran holding a crying child in his hand. At that point, after securing the victim, the agents blocked the 30-year-old. From the woman’s story it emerged that the man had gone into a rage because shortly before the little girl had hit a cable making the TV turn off. The thirty-year-old had thus slapped the child and later threw himself against his partner who had gone to the rescue of his daughter. The woman, in turn, was hit with slaps and punches in the face and head and then threatened by the man. To escape the attack, the victim took the child and fled to the street in search of help. To the policemen who listened to her, the woman reported that she had been a victim of mistreatment by her partner for several years.
The thirty-year-old was locked up in the Malaspina prison in Caltanissetta.

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